that's ok momma...

"That's ok can tell Peter Rabbit Maddie can have the Rapunzel dress!"
My sweet girl has had 2 things on her mind...
1.  Rapunzel dress (from Target)
2.  Rapunzel hair (from Target)

We spotted these a few days ago and she asked if she could have them.  For those of you that don't know my sweet Love...she never asks for anything.  We can walk down every aisle in a toy store and she never whines, cries...expects anything.

Actually, I have only heard those words one other was THE PURPLE DRESS and I bought it on the spot.  So, when she asked, I told her "maybe Peter Rabbit will bring it to you for Easter!"

She has been relentless...
she remembered there was only ONE dress and ONE Rapunzel hair left on the shelf.  
So, when she asked AGAIN tonight when Peter Rabbit was coming (and since I know I haven't made my way back to Target and just in case it is not there) I responded...
we'll just have to wait and see, maybe Peter Rabbit has another surprise in store for you (daddy really wants to buy her a new bike that she rides every time we hit up REI)!

She did NOT like this response.
"But mommy, there was only one and what if Maddie gets it first!"
(Maddie is her best friend next door)
I explain to her that it will be OK if Maddie gets the Repunzel "gear" and she doesn't because sometimes in life we just don't get everything we want.
(I know...I am that mom!)
She crosses her arms and stomps out of the room...

Suddenly...she re-enters with her Cinderella dress and the sweetest smile you've ever seen and says:

"That's ok momma if Peter Rabbit wants to give the Rapunzel dress to Maddie.  Tell him she lives over there and he can just walk along the sidewalk and sneak it in her house.  That's OK momma!   I love Maddie and I can wear my Cinderella dress and she can wear her Rapunzel dress!"

She then races downstairs and I can hear her telling daddy... 
that's OK dada if the Rabbit gives the dress to Maddie!

So now...
the question is...
do I get the Rapunzel dress and hair or do we go for the bike?
You know I want to get the dress and hair, but maybe this is a good lesson that we don't get everything we want...sometimes when you are kind you get an even better reward

...and then surprise her with the BIKE???
Momma just don't know, I think I'm gonna leave this in Peter Rabbit's hands!


jennifer said...

oh what a sweet baby doll!!! Don't ask me.... I'd buy her the world! And i miss your face, can we please see eachother soon?!

April said...

That is such a sweet response. I think she deserves both!